WordPress 6.5 Release Derailed By Bugs In New Feature: A Font Fiasco

The WordPress community eagerly awaited the release of version 6.5, only to find it derailed by an unexpected twist. A seemingly innocuous feature—the Font Library—sent shockwaves through the development process. In this post, we unravel the Font Fiasco and explore its implications.

The Font Library Feature

  • GDPR Compliance: The Font Library promised a win-win situation. It not only managed fonts but also ensured GDPR compliance when using Google Fonts. How? By allowing publishers to download fonts locally, bypassing Google’s servers, and safeguarding visitor privacy.
  • The Font Storage Dilemma: The fonts were slated to reside in a new location: /wp-content/fonts/. However, reality intervened. Some file systems balked at storing fonts there, leading to unforeseen bugs.
  • The Plugin Compromise: Core contributors initially proposed a compromise: sites encountering bugs would need to use a plugin called Fonts to Uploads. But this solution clashed with WordPress’s ethos of working out of the box.

Community Backlash

  • Philosophical Discord: The WordPress community erupted. Critics argued that the compromise deviated from core principles. One comment lamented, “We are fundamentally shipping something we know is broken with 6.5.”
  • Semantic Quandary: While the new directory was more compatible, it wasn’t semantically correct. Fonts now reside in the familiar /wp-content/uploads/fonts/ location.
  • The Delay: In response to community feedback, the release schedule shifted. WordPress 6.5 would be delayed by a week. The revised approach aimed to benefit the maximum number of sites without additional configuration hurdles.

Lessons Learned

  1. Balance and Compatibility: Striking a balance between innovation and compatibility is crucial. Features should be enhanced without disrupting the ecosystem.
  2. User Experience Matters: Shipping a feature that requires technical gymnastics contradicts WordPress’s user-friendly ethos.
  3. Community Power: The WordPress community’s voice matters. It shapes the platform’s evolution.


The Font Fiasco serves as a reminder: even seemingly minor features can alter the course of a release. As WordPress evolves, let’s tread carefully, ensuring that each update aligns with our collective vision.

Remember, fonts matter—whether they’re in code or prose. 🖋️🔍

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